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summaryCloudflare provides comprehensive security solutions for businesses. Their platform helps manage IT and security across on-premises, public cloud, SaaS, and the internet. The company focuses on improving security and resilience while reducing attack surfaces, vendor counts, and tool sprawl. Cloudflare offers various services such as web application and API protection, DDoS mitigation, and zero trust infrastructure access for their Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform. They also offer solutions for managing risk across expanding attack surfaces with their Unified Risk Posture product.

Additionally, they provide connectivity cloud services that can help businesses work, deliver, and innovate everywhere. Cloudflare's platform is powered by an intelligent global network that ensures secure and reliable connections. Their products include solutions for securing and connecting application services, increasing developer velocity with a connectivity cloud, and protecting modern organizations from threats without stifling innovation.
titleConnect, Protect and Build Everywhere | Cloudflare
descriptionMake employees, applications and networks faster and more secure everywhere, while reducing complexity and cost.
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